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I’m a local Democrat or Progressive or independent thinker.
What can I do?

Becoming a Precinct Captain

The best way  to contribute is to represent your Democratic neighbors at our meetings and consider becoming a Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman. (We call them Precinct Captains or PCs) Here’s the nitty gritty:

After you have looked this over, email our Chairperson or message (208) 421-9538 to let us know where you are on this.

  • In practice, there is a range of involvement—from being a name on a line only, to spending just a couple hours a month attending our monthly meetings, to volunteering semi-regularly to participate in community events and voter education and voter registration efforts. 

  • Even just being a name on a line is helpful. In Kootenai County extremists hatched a plan to switch their registration to D to become a Precinct Captain in precincts without Dem PCs, and thus take control of the Dem County Central Committee there. We have seen no effort to do that here, but even the possibility makes it critical that we have Precinct Captains in every precinct.

  • See these for what an ideal Precinct Captain does: Precinct Captain 101; Precinct Captain 201

  • Most Precinct Captains find their comfort zone in-between being a name on a line only, and that ideal!

  • The in-between starts with a Precinct Captain attending a monthly in person meeting. Currently we meet the third Monday each month and sometimes phoning in or “zooming” in is a possibility. Precinct Captains elect an Executive Committee (EC) of 8 individuals. The EC is responsible for planning meetings and activities, but all the Precinct Captains together (the Central Committee) give the EC guidance and have the final say.

  • If there is no current Precinct Captain in your precinct, we could really use your help by stepping forward to fill that position. If there is already a PC we need Assistant PCs.


There is a State Democratic Party with a full time staff in Boise that helps provide resources, but the County Central Committees elect the state volunteer leadership who then guide and work with the full time staff.

Please consider being a Precinct Captain.

  • We will answer all your questions and be straightforward with you if you would like more information or would like to talk. You can email the Chairperson at or message (208) 421-9538.

  • Precinct Captains are elected Democratic Ballot, during the Idaho Primary Election, and can apso be appointed by the County Chair at any time after the Primary Elections.

  • The necessary steps to become a Precinct Captain are:


Mike Rainey, Chairperson, TwIn Falls County Democrats

Message (208) 421-9538

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